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Mana Screwed

is a brand new web comedy about Magic the Gathering, and the gamers who play it. The series follows Jason, an earnest but doesn't-quite-have-his-life-together Magic player who moves in with his sister Nina and her husband Garrett. Garrett is, well - he's an ass. He's loud, aggressive, doesn't understand the first thing about Magic - including why anyone would play it. When the two are forced into a reluctant partnership, will Garrett adopt Jason's passion for the game?

Mana Screwed is a show about that unbreakable, deep-in-your-gut love for Magic, and the wild tricks life throws at you when all you want to do is sit down and draw seven.   Made by people who play Magic and people who don't - for people who play magic and people who don't ... yet.

Episodes premiere every Friday morning on our YouTube Channel.

We also release weekly MtG content, like games played between cast and crew, card spoilers, environment analysis, and plenty of bloopers and behind the scenes videos.

Games of Magic

Watch our cast and crew play games of Magic!

Behind The Scenes

Behind the Scenes and other videos for Mana Screwed